How To Create
 Wellbeing Habits 
in 60 Days
We Will Show You The Expert Methods - Absolutely FREE!

Sunday, Jan 10th

@ 3:00PM - 4:00 PM EST
What You Will Learn In This FREE Webinar:
Step 1: Case Examples
Instead of sharing all the theory behind habits, we will look at least three examples of my clients that have successfully integrated new practices into their live. The lessons  that they learned on their way are a treasure to learn from. 
Step 2: Live Coaching
Bring the questions you are facing when trying to bring a new wellbeing habit into your life. Let me support you live so that you can have your questions answered. I've helped many and I can help you too. 
Let's go! 
Step 3: Bringing Consistency
Developing and improving oneself is a constant process through the life of an individual. Bringing consistency in action is a habit, and it is key towards growth. Learn how to show up to things that matter to you consistently. 
This FREE advanced training is limited so act now!
EARLY BIRD: Enrollment is Open for The 60 Day Leadership & Wellbeing Challenge where a group of changemakers like you will challenge themselves to starts 2021 with a commitment to bring forth the best version of themselves. Learn more about the challenge here: https://mentordida.com/60-day-challenge
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